Who Am I?

I am a senior at Rick Reedy High School, studying Marketing Management through the Independent Student Mentorship program. I am actively involved in Business Professionals of America (BPA) and am the Area 1 Region 3 Regional President of BPA. Additionally, I am the National Honor Society  Hours Chair Committee and have been on the Reedy Varsity Tennis Team since my Freshman year.

Outside of school, I like to read and write. Words are the foundation of society and from them we never know what can grow. I have two dogs, Scooby and Ginger, whom I love very much. In my spare time I like to watch cute dog videos from twitter because they are adorable.

What Are My Goals?

My short term goals are​ to explore the meaning of marketing and grow as an individual to accomplish more than what I thought I could.

My long term goals are​ to graduate with a MBA and  get a job as a Marketing Manager for the WTA or ATP Tennis Tours or for any Broadway production.

Mission Statement

Through Independent Student Mentorship (ISM), I will become more hardworking and compassionate in order to achieve confidence in myself and my topic, therefore aiding my crusade to help people through honest marketing about a good that is beneficial to them.

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